Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 Days

It has been thirty days since we arrived in Virginia. In some ways the time seems to fly by, but in others, it drags. Yes, we have kept busy exploring and learning our way around. Yes, I have almost completely unpacked. Yes, Carson is adjusting rather well, much better than I expected. Life is continuing it always has. I have made a new friend or two. We have attended a new church. I can get to almost anywhere in town, without getting too lost. I know my neighbors on either side. We have found new doctors, therapists, swimming pools, and grocery stores. We have enrolled Carson in school, arranged play dates, hunted firefly's, and played at the beach.

I still feel unsettled. Perhaps it is because there is so much I want to do, that I don't really know where to begin. I want to paint....practically this entire house needs it. It was freshly painted, but done so sloppily that only repainting the entire house will fix it. Perhaps it is because for the first time in all of my married life I do not have an income. Most likely it is this. I am used to having my own checking account and if I really needed or wanted something I would get it. I was able to justify that I am paying for it, not the household account.

So here is the kicker....Wayne do NOT get too excited! I need to do something, when Carson starts school. I have already checked into some schools about a couple of different programs, i.e. getting my Virginia Teaching Certificate. I will not qualify for in-state tuition until July 30th 2009. That's right I need a full year to establish residency. I already have my undergraduate degree in Art and my Master's in Biology. I have experience in cleaning and maintaining aquaria, and have taught second grade. I worked in a nursing home providing activities for the elderly, and I have taught college level science labs. I am a consultant for Close to my Heart, a stamping and scrap booking company, but have yet to get things started here. What am I qualified to do? I really do not want a job that will require me to put Carson in any type of day care program. I do not need to support the family.. so income does not need to be fantastic (wouldn't hurt though). I have even thought lately about advertising to do aquarium maintenance again... but I gave away all my equipment. Wayne for some reason has mentioned several times about real estate... honestly, with the market like it is... I have no desire for that. I don't want to work when Carson isn't in school and that really cuts down what I can do. I have thought about going back to school, again for something in the medical field. Again the tuition restrictions. I have even thought about in home child care...but don't know what the restrictions are in Virginia for that. I have a Master's Degree and have no clue what I want to be when I grow up!

I am praying and would ask that you guys pray for direction in this for me too. I really feel like I need to do something... I do not enjoy just sitting around the house doing laundry and cleaning.... probably my LEAST favorite activity. I would appreciate your prayers in this.... and let me know if you have any ideas.


Kassie said...

you will be in my prayers. I feel the same way I want to get a job but I don't want Bella to be in Child care all of the time. But just hang in there and I know that the right thing will come along. If you need to vent or something call anytime

Carri said...

I will be praying for you and the family! I pray that God will lead you to exactly what you need and what is best for Carson! We love you guys and are missing y'all!

wendybtx said...

What about subbing at Carsons school only. That way you are out when he is and you can pick your days. It would give you an idea if you really want to go back and get your teaching certificate.

Wayne said...


I really do not care what you do for work, so long as you like it, you are happy with it, it will allow you to not have to have Carson in after school care, but as we know the local "Y" that we are planning on joining has an after school program that will keep him at his school that might be beneficial for him too. Just remember that since you are 9 years younger you will need to have a great income in 14 - 15 years when I retire so you can then support

Petrel said...

Wendy has the right idea. but "subbing" at Carson's school only will still leave a lot of time on your hands. Check the school districts and see what is required to "Sub" at the high schools and even some of the middle schools. That will give you a wider scope, and occupy a lot more time. You might also check the christian schools in the area for Sub jobs.


Jennie McClenny said...

Hi there - I followed you here from your post on the CTMH BB. Wanted to welcome you to Virginia, and I promise that the humidity will die down here pretty soon!

One thing you might want to look into is being a "paraprofessional" at one of your local schools. These are paid aids that have set schedules, that are only during school hours.

There are also loads of private schools in the area, and you may be able to find part time positions there - especially with having an Art background.

Good luck to you!

Take care,