Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer...

It is hard for me to believe that today is August 1st. Summer is winding down quickly and before you know it school will be starting, and we will be looking forward to cooler days and falling leaves. At least here there are trees and I am looking forward to seeing all the vibrant colors that Fall offers.

Today Carson and I found another pool to go to. This one is brand new and reminds me a lot of the Town Club in Texas. Carson had a great time and was so glad to see that there were swinging dump tanks here as well. He is so easily occupied with those.

He actually spent a great deal of time under these today instead of just watching them. I seriously considered getting under them myself a few times. It was very, very sticky and hazy today.

In other news, Carson has another loose tooth. This is one of the top ones and if this continues, the Tooth Fairy will go bankrupt.

I have decided to get on the sub list for Carson's school and a couple of others that are close by. The pay rate for tier 3, which is with a college degree is 96.00/day and long term subs earn 161.00/day. I am sure I could handle it either way. I am halfway through the 30 page application and have sent off for all my college transcripts.

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Petrel said...

Good show! I just hope that Carson's school needs you a LOT. Being a "Soccor Mom" and substitute teacher can keep you on the move.