Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Sappy Post...lots of pictures!

Carson starts Kindergarten on the September 2nd. I cannot comprehend that he is that old and really will be gone everyday from 8-3. He will be learning and expanding his horizons...and I won't be there to see him do it. I have been there for Every. Single. Major. Milestone. I am having some difficulty in that while I am sad to be missing out on so much of his life....I am secretly glad he is gonna be gone during the day. I almost feel guilty for feeling this way. I will be able to go to the bathroom without having to explain why I want the door shut. I will be able to leave the front door open and not worry about someone slipping out to play without telling me. I will be able to go to a store and actually try on clothes without a five year old in the same dressing room, trying to look under the dividers into the next room. Or answer fifty thousand questions about body parts I have that he doesn't. Or explain again for the millionth time that the dog does not like his teeth brushed, or why underwear and cowboy boots are not proper clothing for the day. Perhaps I will be able to actually cook a meal with out the fear that some strange spice will be added when my back is turned. I won't have to sit through another episode of SpongeBob, or Dora, or Deigo, or heaven help us the awful Yo Gabba Gabba. I will miss the sneaking up behind me and grabbing my neck in a hug, and smelling the sickly sweet smell of little boy sweat. I will miss the kisses that turn into tickle fests and I most certainly will miss him telling me that he loves me and that he wants to marry me.

Hopefully he will develop a "crush" on his teacher, and strive to please her. Hopefully, he will make some awesome new lifelong friends. I hope that his teacher will understand that he really is a loveable, sweet, kindhearted, giving little boy, who really only wants to please. That she will overlook the little quirks that make Carson Carson... and see that he really just needs to fit in with the rest of the kids in his class and be accepted and welcomed.
Then I keep thinking over and over that this is the end of having an unstructured life. From here on out he is on the "mans" schedule. He will have to be in school from such and such time to such and such time, then after school it is college (hopefully) and then work. From here on out to retirement he is on someones schedule. Bye bye carefree days, hello structured life.
Bear with me as I post some of my favorite pictures from the past five years.
Carson right after birth

Dressed and waiting to go home from hospital

One month on Aunt Holly's shoulder

About 2-3 months.

One Year

18 months.

Two Years

Three Years... First Beach Trip Virginia Beach 2006

Four Years... and a new Bike!

Five Years...almost six.... last week!

I know I will survive...most likely I will really enjoy the freedom. But I am a little one and only baby is almost all grown up. sigh


Wayne said...

You will survive Babe - somewhere in our house I have a picture of me going off to kindergarten in 1960, of Peter in 1987, and soon of Carson. I'd love to do a post of me and my 2 boys on the first day of kindergarten.

Til said...

Awww, it is tough, but soon you'll cherish the fact that you'll be refreshed when his cute little face hops off that bus!!! And you'll been in awe of how much he grows up!!!

Miner News said...

I am going through the exact thing with the boys. But we will survive and they will be just fine. Just think of all the new things he will learn. I hope they are all good. Oh no, I just got myself worrying now. lol. Anyways,the pictures of Carson are adorable!!

Sandra T. said...

Those baby pics. are priceless!!! He is such a cutie patootie!!! Good luck in Kindergarten Carson.