Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend News

I have to tell you a funny story that happened Friday evening after we got home from the Zoo. Last Monday I saw a posting on Craigs list for a nine drawer dresser with a mirror and a hutch. The picture looked great, so I called the gentleman that had it listed. He asked where I was calling from and I told him I was in Fredericksburg, turns out the dresser was too. Anyway, I made arrangements with Wayne to pick up the dresser later that evening when he got home from work.

Wayne ends up on a later than normal train so I call the gentleman back and he said no problem, come a little later. Not 20 minutes later the gentleman calls me back and asks me to come the next evening because he was having chest pain and was going to the hospital via ambulance. Of course, I told him go...we were in no hurry. Anyway, Friday evening his wife calls me and wanted to know when I could come get the dresser, they had to be out of the house by Saturday afternoon. I looked at Wayne, we were both exhausted, but I told her we could be there in 20 minutes.

We arrive and are told the dresser is on the 3rd floor of this townhouse. Yikes! Nice neighborhood, nice family. The gentleman is still in the hospital with two blood clots on his lungs. We walk in the front door, and I kid you not....there was literally inches upon inches of black dog hair (at least I hope it was dog hair) all over the floors, the carpeting had been ripped up from the stairs, and there was trash everywhere. The wife and her friend were the only ones trying to get the house empty. I felt bad for them because they saved this dresser for us, so We went upstairs to get the dresser. The dresser was decent, could use refinishing, but still very functional. Wayne and I took the drawers out of the dresser to lighten the load and removed the hutch. There was, I kid you not, a half inch of dust and stuff on top of the hutch. We get it all downstairs and loaded, and my skin is crawling, I itch, and I never wanted to be out of someplace so fast as that.

We get it home and it sits in our garage... most likely I will clean it up and free cycle it....Nothing wrong with it, will need a little cleaning and dusting...but I just don't know if I can bring myself to bring it into my house.

I told Wayne he had better NEVER, EVER complain about my house keeping...or I will remind him... of the HOUSE OF HAIR!

Last evening Wayne and I had the opportunity to actually go out to eat with some new friends from the church. We all drove up to Fairfax and left Carson at their house and shared a sitter, while we went to an adult restaurant and had adult conversation, and ate adult food. It was BLISS! We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and are planning on making it a regular thing with this other couple.


Melissa said...

Yikes!! A house of hair!! Ummm, I'm with you on this one--dunno if I could bring myself to use it either. As for the date night--that's awesome!!

Carri said...

I am so happy that you guys are meeting people to do stuff with! I think it helps in the everyday stresses of for the hair house the thought of it made me want a bath!! I wish you aould have taken pictures of it for me to show Lance so, I too could remind him what our house could look like! Caden said to tell Carson he misses hhim too!! Talk to you soon.

Kassie said...

That is crazy a house of hair. I am so glad that you and Wayne are making friends and that you are able to go out. Take care I sure do miss you. Tell Carson Bella says hi.

Kariberry said...

That was my thought too. Yikes :)