Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A River Runs Through It....

For all you Texas folk.... This is what a real river looks like.... see they have water in them. You can actually swim in them and even go fishing in it.

One thing we have loved about living here is that we are basically surrounded by water. We have the Potomac River a short five miles away and the Occoquan River is north of us a ways and the Rappahanock River runs right through the middle of town. We cross the river any time we head into town. It is really picturesque and we see people tubing on the river daily as well as fishermen. There is a beachy area that we keep wanting to go to, but I want to get Carson a life vest first. For the most part it is a very calm river, not too deep in the areas that run through town, but a little further south, they run some small riverboats, or tour boats of the historic district of Fredericksburg. I found out today that the county parks and recreation provides FREE swimming lessons to all children, because there is so much water surrounding us. So we are signing up for lessons ASAP.
In other news... Carson had his physical today for kindergarten. That was a true experience. We have to go back to get a cholesterol check done. First time getting a urinalysis done...try talking a kid like Carson to pee in a cup. We are also going to get a referral for allergy testing. We discussed at length the possibility that Carson has some food allergies that may be causing him to react to situations differently than other kids. We already know that red dye affects him, so I won't be surprised to hear that there is something he is allergic to. The Dr. is also sending him to a cardiologist because he detected a heart murmur (this is a first) and because of the medications that he is on, he wants us to have a baseline echo cardiogram done. They want to make sure that his meds are not affecting this or even causing it to worsen.

This was by far the most comprehensive exam Carson has ever had... we were with the Dr. for almost an hour and a half. That is the entire time spent with him in the room. While we loved our pediatrician in Texas, it was really nice that EVERYTHING was addressed. The Dr. was well versed Aspergers, ADHD...and other behavioral issues. This has to be an answer to prayer..we have a Dr. that understands what we are dealing with and completely understood what all the medications were for and how they could interact with his heart murmur.

He also discovered that Carson has some fluid built up around one of his testicles. (Carson is gonna kill me for this when he is older) A concern that there could be a torsion of the testicle, and he will keep an eye on that as well. I never knew all this stuff and will have to research some more to understand exactly what is going on.


wendybtx said...

wow! Lots of info on Carson. We will be praying that the murmur is nothing and that all goes well with the other test. Hunter had a murmur up until about 2 years ago... he was suppose to outgrow it within 6 months but it took about 8 years instead. Love the pictures of the river. Tell Carson and Wayne hi for all of us.


Kassie said...

I am glad that you have found a good Doctor for Carson. I know that is a big releaf for you. I sure do miss that little guy and you. We are still working on Washington as a duty station. Take care

Vicki Sullivan said...

I'm glad you found a new doctor in your area that you like - finding the right doc is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Holly said...

Great pictures of Carson. He looks more grown up everytime you post a new picture. Keep us up to date on Carson's health. We're praying for all of you.