Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebrating 5000

Ok... I have thought long and hard about what to blog about to celebrate receiving 5000 hits. So here is my thinking... there is no way on God's beautiful, green earth that I could post 5000 random things about myself....even if it was remotely interesting. Believe me it's not! So I decided to post 50 random things about myself, my husband, my son, WHATEVER! It may be my favorite author at the time or it may be something cool I found on the web. So get ready this may take a while. Click on red highlighted words for more info! EDITED TO ADD: To make this a little more interesting... leave me a comment and I will have a random draw and give away something from the great state of VIRGINIA! Be sure to leave your email if posting anon. I will keep this contest running through the weekend and draw for a winner on Sunday Evening!

1. Carson and Wayne are the two most important people in my life.

2. My family, Mom, Dad, Sisters, brother and their families are very closely tied with number 1

3. I am Truly Blessed Beyond Measure!

4. My friends come in a pretty close 3rd in important people in my life.

5. I will do almost anything to NOT clean house.

6. I am a Christian, and first and foremost believe that Christ is the center of my life.

7. Because of this I know that there is NOTHING that cannot be overcome.

8. We have overcome a ton of stuff.

9. Most of it is just stuff...not important in the grand scheme of things.

10. Believe it or not... I love frogs

11. I am an avid reader.

12. Carson is the best gift I was EVER given.

13. I can be easily hurt.

14. Carson starts new meds tonight!

15. Wayne has been known to fall asleep in awkward places.

16. I love him anyway.

17. I have lived in 5 states. Virginia now three separate times.

18. I LOVE Photography.

19. Wayne is a retired volunteer firefighter, and he will drive out of his way to follow a firetruck.

20. We love to travel off the beaten path.

21. The biggest MIRACLE in our lives is Carson.

22. I want to start LETTERBOXING , or GEOCACHING.

23. I love that I live where so much HISTORY has occurred.FREDERICKSBURG BATTLEFIELDS ,FERRY FARM

24. Carson loves to build the WASHINGTON MONUMENT out of Legos.

25. I love to go to scrapbooking crops... but rarely get a ton done.

26. I think I am addicted to IKEA!

27. I love to hear Carson's laughter.

28. Carson can drive me crazy at times too!

29. I LOVE to save money!

30. I love our new CHURCH.

31. I am envious of truly creative people.

32. I love to sleep late.

33. I rarely get too.

34. I have stayed up all night to finish a good book.

35. Not since Carson though.

36. I am kinda excited about him going to school full time.

37. I am kinda sad he is going to school full time.

38. I always wanted to have 3-4 kids.

39. I am so thankful I only have one!

40. Sometimes I feel like doing absolutely nothing and feel guilty when I do.

41. I can read Wayne like a book.

42. He thinks he can read me. LOL

43. My favorite teacher was Ms. Jagolinzer in 5th grade, MALIBU ELEMENTARY in Virginia Beach.

44. I hate liver.

45. Thanks to my brother Brad, we never had to eat it again after the "incident"

46. I am learning to trust my gut more.

47. I love mystery books, in the genre of PATRICIA CORNWELL , KATHY REICHS etc.

48. I sometimes wish I had lived a 100 years ago.

49. Then I realize that they had no electricity.

50. I know that GOD answers prayers....He answered mine!

There you have it... 50 random, boring facts about myself, my family etc.


Melissa said...

COOL! The liver thing...same here! Blah! :) I don't know if my email shows up on my profile, so if not--here it is---melissabethhaskell at yahoo dot com. Loved the license plate thing too by the way--it made me laugh so hard!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really do miss you. I wish we could have gotten to know each other more. I love this post!!! You are so creative. Blessings!

Jon McGoran, a.k.a. D. H. Dublin said...

Sumbled across your blog, and now I gotta know... what was the "liver incident"? Maybe the subject of a future blog?

Miner News said...

Ok are you coming back for scrapink?? And I also HATE liver!! That is truly nasty!!

Petrel said...

OK, Kari you just have to tell Jon about Brad's incident. We can laugh about it now, but it was surely a mess at the time. I never told anyone this, but I am glad that particular incident occured! No more liver!

Kariberry said...

Nice to know these neat things about you and your family. Congrats on your 5K!

Carri said...

I think I better win the prize...after all I was born in Virginia!!! I am MISSING YOU SOOO much! You need to call me soon!!!!!

~renay~ said...

I love all the info...It's hard to come up with that many things to say about yourself. I am glad that you are such a dedicated blogger. I really like hearing all about your life & Virginia.

Til said...

Okay now I am not part of the norm...I like Liver!!! As long as it is smothered in carmelized onions and and inch thick coating of mashed potatos!

Congrats on hitting 5000!!! and your time in VA!