Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sneaky Little Boy!

A few minutes ago, Wayne came upstairs for bed. He goes to Carson's room to check on him, and calls me. Carson isn't in his room .... and it is 11 p.m. Wayne and I head downstairs and try to figure out just where the boy snuck off too. Wayne thought he heard something behind the couch about an hour ago, but thought it was a cat. Anyway we look and don't see him... at this point I am starting to panic... thinking he got out of the house somehow. I run to the basement and look all through it, he isn't there... then Wayne calls down and says he found him. I get up to the den and this is what we see.Carson sound asleep at the end of the couch kinda under the end table....See that far couch... that was where Wayne was sitting. You can see from this picture that he snuck right behind the couch, Wayne was down there watching t.v..... he just thought it was a cat.Sneaky little boy...... He really makes me smile sometimes... and of course this one was one of those times... particularly since I had imagined him out in the rain somewhere...or worse.


Kassie said...

that is so cute. The sneeky little boy. He is just so cute when he is sleeping. I am glad that he was not out in the rain. I am glad to know that all of you are doing great.

Kariberry said...

OK now you have to scrap these. How cute! Happy to know he was alright.