Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Social Butterfly

Today Carson and I had some errands to run and wanted to grab a quick lunch. So we head to a local burger joint called Five Guys (out of the world burgers by the way). I order, and Carson occupies himself by shelling peanuts and talking to anyone who walks by. Most particularly kids, asking what their names are, that his name is Carson, and he is five years old and that he moved here from Texas, and lives in a big house with stairs and is going to go to kindergarten. A young mother comes in with her two kids and of course Carson asks the kids their names, and gives them the whole run down. The mom starts talking to me and before you know we were chatting away like long lost friends. The little boy was 5 and has red hair a shade darker than Carson, and the two of them were like peas in a pod. Silly little boy noises soon filled the restaurant, and we had a great time. The mother is a scrapbooker, works at the church literally around corner from our house, and knows a lot of kids in the area. Her hubby also works in D.C. The weird part about this whole thing is that she lives about 25 miles from us, but works right around the corner from us. She wasn't going to eat out today but her tires took longer at the repair shop so they came in. We exchanged email and phone numbers, and are planning to get boys together soon.
Divine? Most definitely!


Sandra T. said...

Sounds like you and Carson have new friends! Happy Wednesday!

Kassie said...

I am so glad that you and Carson ared making friends and doing so good. I miss you guys.

Kariberry said...

Aww how sweet! I believe that was a divine appointment. Thanks for the comment. :) How fast is the train ride. hee hee

Amanda said...

Isn't it wonderful when God places people in your life?? Hope you guys have a great end of the week and good luck with kindergarten.