Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hallelujah!.... We got THE teacher!

A couple of posts back I mentioned how we had Carson's Kindergarten evaluation (here), and that there was one particular teacher that "clicked" with Carson. Mr. Ward. Yes Carson got a MALE Kindergarten teacher. I am beyond excited... and very grateful that my prayers were answered. We are looking forward to this being a fantastic year...we have a ton of stuff that needs to be done...Thank you God! Now I only pray that I survive the "first" day of the rest of his schooling.

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Wayne said...

Yes we are extremely happy. They even sent home with Carson some specific directions - TO THE PARENTS - they must have known that Kari is going to be a BASKET CASE - the instructions to the parents tell them not the cry at the bus stop so that you do not upset your child, keep smiling, tell the child that they will have fun at school (but don't tell them that mommy will be balling her eyes out) - I guess that is why I'll be working from home on Tuesday so that I can console my wife....LOL - at least Carson is not going to be like his dad on my first day in kindergarten back in September 1960 - I'll post that story over the weekend.