Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday News

This being Sunday, we again headed up to Fairfax to church. Took another route in, and still made it with time to spare. Wayne was feeling kinda poorly so we did not get to visit too much after services. I had another Craig's List hit to go get and we decided to pick it up and head back to Fredericksburg.

This is the probably the best haul yet from Craig's List. A super heavy duty wicker patio set with cushions. The set consists of a Rocker, a Love seat and an Ottoman. Again, completely free! The price tag was still on the bottom of the rocker and it was $499.99. I couldn't find one on the love seat, but I am sure this was an expensive set. It is very very solid and absolutely perfect, not a mark or loose piece of wicker on it. Most importantly... extremely comfortable! What a Blessing this was! The family was downsizing and no longer had room for it in their new home.

This is the rocker to the set

This is the love seat and ottoman to the side.

So lets review.... in the past three weeks we have found on Craig's List.... a nice chair and ottoman, a futon, a full bed mattress and box spring, two glass top desks, a entertainment center, a computer desk, and now a wicker patio set. I am picking up a small dresser tomorrow (locally). Every single thing we have received has been high end quality furniture, nothing that was unusable. I am still on the lookout for a couple of desk chairs, and bookcases, and maybe an old wooden table or two to replace the plastic tables that are in the basement for my scrapbook room. We could also use some dressers for the guest rooms and maybe a nightstand or two for those rooms as well. Total out of pocket expense.....$85.00. We are not figuring gas into this equation because we are already in the D.C. area for church. I am pleased as punch with my finds... and it is very fun meeting all these wonderful people too! I feel really, really blessed in all this.

Now for the NOT so FUN part of the day... the traffic....UGH!!! We basically have two different routes we can go home on. One is route 1, which can be very congested at times, and has a million stoplights as it hits every little town on the way home. The other is infamous for it's traffic during the week I-95..... but come on! You would think that on a Sunday afternoon, there would not be a lot of traffic.....wrong.... Both this week and last week we have been in bumper to bumper traffic through what is known as the Springfield Mixing bowl. This is where the Capital Beltway mixes in with all the other D.C. traffic and the volume is tremendous. Today for instance the signs said that there was an 11 mile backup...we stuck it out and it took us 57 minutes to travel the 11 miles... and only 30 minutes to travel the final 28 miles home.

This a picture I took last Sunday as we crossed over I-95 to take route 1 instead. Looks like a parking lot.

On the bright side... we see a lot of interesting license plates!


Miner News said...

Yes I miss you. I haven't even touched my scrapbook things since last crop. I am so behind. But anyways it looks like ya'll are adjusting well.

Kisha! said...

Wow - that's amazing. We don't hardly ever see that type of traffic in Buffalo - unless it's right before a Bill's game! LOL I can't believe your Craigs List finds. That is fabulous. The ottoman and rocker are amazing! I've been watching my local Craigs list, but nothing worth jumping on. I need a full/queen size bed for the spare bedroom too :)

Sandra T. said...

Traffic sucks and Craigs List rules!!!

Wayne said...

Kari has a ritual (I should say she has a guilt reduction ritual) that she goes through everytime we go pick up one of her great finds from Carig's list. As we approach the address she slips off her diamond ring so that the people we are picking up from can't see the rock she has on. Then after we score, and are leaving the property she pulls her ring out and puts it back on. I tell her that they don't care but she thinks that they might not let us have the item if they see her ring. Is now the right time to tell her that for 11 years she has been wearing a CZ instead of a real

Kari said...

Good one Wayne...LOL.

Petrel said...

sure looks like you did well with the wicker furniture. I don't envy you the traffic though. We might be there about the 12th or 13th...Looking forward to the trip.

~renay~ said...

You have truly made the haul!! I love all of your new finds. It looks like you guys have really been having a great summer up there. It is so BEAUTIFUL!