Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Creative Post Coming!

Yesterday, I was finally able to spend some time in the scrapbook room. I churned out 3 two page layouts. Totally complete, with embellishments and journaling. Amazing for me, because I can go to a 12 hour crop and only get 3 done. I will post pictures in the next day or so. I have about 400 pictures that I need to get printed, I am hoping to do that on Friday at Costco.

Tomorrow is Carson's kindergarten physical. Hopefully it won't mean any shots... then on Thursday he has an appointment with his new therapist. I am looking forward to this appointment and getting things geared up for school. I am a little concerned that we may need a medication change. We know that sometimes the efficacy of certain drugs is reduced over time. We are going to address that and hopefully a new plan of occupational therapy.

Next Monday Carson's school is doing the kindergarten screening. I was told that they evaluate each child for speech, hearing, letter recognition and so forth. I can't believe my baby will be starting kindergarten in less than a month. While I am really looking forward to the break that having him in school will offer me, I am sure that I will be a basket case and follow the school bus to school just to make sure he gets there....or that he doesn't hijack the bus to the water park (I jest).

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