Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kindergarten Evaluation

Yesterday, Carson had his Kindergarten evaluation. In our county all children entering Kindergarten are evaluated to determine placement in a particular classroom. Now I was expecting them to ask him if he could write his name, letter identification, colors etc. I was expecting them to see how high he could count etc.

This is what they wanted him to do. Recognize all the letters of the alphabet....easy peasy... Carson he knew those by the age of two. Recognize various shapes....I was expecting a octagon and pentagon...but all they wanted to see if Carson knew what a square, circle and a triangle are. Then they wanted him to count to ten.

I am a little puzzled, maybe it is because Carson has had two years of preschool and did so well both years. The fact that he can count to 50...sometimes higher if he wants to. He can write his name, my name and Wayne's name. I can tell him how to write something and he remembers and can re-write it days later with no help. He can recognize that a stop sign is an octagon. I truly think that he will be reading shortly....he is able to sound out words on his own right now. Heck he can navigate the Internet, almost better than we can.

Maybe...my expectations are too high... I know he is a smart boy.. we have had numerous tests done telling us this, the only think that really concerns me is the social aspect of Kindergarten. This is where we are lacking, this is what I am hoping he will overcome in the next year.

The teacher that evaluated him was really good, and good with Carson....I can't help but hope that Carson gets placed in his class. That's right, a male Kindergarten teacher. He has only been teaching for 4 years. He is very young and I have heard from some other moms in the area that he is fantastic, and really connects with the kids. We will find out on the 28th of this month the placement for this year.... Please pray with me that Carson gets placed in the BEST situation for him.


Miner News said...

I am glad that you like that teacher. and that he aced his evaluation. Ok girl here we go, our babies are growing up, they are going into kinder. We have to pull it together and be strong for them. But I can already tell you that I will be crying monday morning as I send them off.

The Fields Family said...


We have a few male kindergarten and pre-kindergarten teachers in Socorro ISD. A few years back, one was the state teacher of the year. I too hope that Carson gets placed in his class.