Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kindergarten Stuff!

I finally managed to round up all the required school supplies for Carson to start Kindergarten. This year he needed 4 yellow #2 pencils, 12 glue sticks, Composition notebooks, 8 ct Crayola brand crayons, blunt tip scissors, two 180 ct baby wipes, 1 160 ct, kleenex, 1 pr of headphones, 2 large pink erasers, 8 ct Crayola brand washable classic color markers, 1 30 count gallon size ziplock bags, 1 50 count ziplock sandwich bags, an art smock and a kindermat. I finally found the last thing on the list... that was the 8 ct box of Crayola brand crayons. I literally went to 3 Walmart's, Staples, Office Max, and 2 Targets. I finally found them at the little Walmart right around the corner from the house. It is not a super Walmart, so I really don't think about shopping there much. When I found them I bought six boxes. I saw a million boxes of the 24 count etc, but no it had to only be the 8 ct box. I really wondered why only the 8 ct, then I saw somewhere that when working with little kids, the teacher can say get your blue crayon out, and they will all be the same blue crayon. Makes perfect sense now. But I was seriously thinking about just getting the bigger box and taking a bunch of crayons out to make it 8.
Not pictured are the Kindermat and the art smock...they were upstairs when I was ready to take the picture. This is just Kindergarten... I was reading what some of the other grades had to have... It only gets worse.... I think next year I will stock up on all sorts of stuff when they clearance it and hope I have some of it. I usually like to send extras too, so that the teacher never runs out of the the things neccessary to my son having the best possible learning environment.


The Fields Family said...

It's a good thing you bought extra. By Thanksgiving you'll need to restock. You're right about it only getting worse. We spent a small fortune on both boys.

wendybtx said...

Hayden came home yesterday saying that he needed 7 binders. I did not believe him so I looked at his list and yes, he needed all those binders. Check and see if your school does the prepacks for next year. That is what we do for Hunter and Hannah. I am in charge of it for the school and it is great. I have it all and no driving around.

Petrel said...

Even us "subs" go through a lot of school supplies. I buy two boxes of cheap mechanical pencils to give out to "Superlative Kids" as a reward for random acts of kindness, and I usually give away a couple gross of wooden pencils. Last Year Office Max had a real deal,1/2 gross pencils for a quarter! I bought 3, only allowed 4, but the lady in front of me brought her boys, and really made a haul.

Like Holly says, get extra.

Melissa said...

Supply lists are crazy huh! This year I broke down and ordered them through the PTA (I'm sure you remember reading that) and it worked out beautifully! The only thing we had to go back to the store for after the 1st day of school was a P.E. uniform. Not bad in my book!