Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Funny Story.

Yesterday Wayne faxed off the requests for all my college transcripts. Copies are free with the stipulation that there isn't any hold on your records, i.e. no money owed the university. Well about 4:30 yesterday afternoon I get an email from West Texas A & M University, stating that there was an academic hold placed on my account from the parking dept. I call and speak with a very nice campus police officer and he pulls up my records and sure enough he says I have an unpaid parking ticket from 1995. I am a bit confused and tell him that I never parked on campus, I always parked by the science building which was off campus. Anyway he tells me that I got the ticket on December 1, 1995. He then proceeds to tell me that it was on a white 1997 Pontiac car with such and such license plate. Now color me confused..... if the ticket was issued in 1995, how on earth was it on a white 1997 Pontiac? Not to mention I have never owned a Pontiac. Needless to say they released the hold on my account.

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Petrel said...

You don't remember the 1997 Pontiac I bought in 1994? Oh, I forgot it wasn't white, it was green. Now I see the mixup!