Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These are some pictures from last week when we went swimming.... This was at another of the county pools. This one is an Olympic size with a large shallow end. Carson met a few kids and they played catch for a while. We may head back that way this afternoon.

Just so you don't think it is all fun and games here, yesterday Carson and I headed out to get his new pediatrician and therapists all line up. I had previously made contact with a pediatric practice accepting new patients, so all I had to do for them was drop off his records and they would get us an appointment. Here, Carson has to have a complete physical to start kindergarten, so I definitely needed to get that scheduled. His therapists were a whole other story. Our insurance gave a list of all participating providers, so I started calling, no one was accepting new patients until October or November. I finally found a practice and when I called them I realized that it was the clinic for the medicaid and without insurance group. No biggie right... they accepted our insurance... so off we go to the clinic. I fill out a ton of forms, they want our complete financial history... and all I kept telling the girl is that we will be covered under insurance. Finally get all the paperwork filled out and a new medical history as well. Turn in the papers and we are told we have to wait to see the billing supervisor, because we actually have insurance, but they have to verify it. So we wait and wait and wait some more. We spent the better part of the day getting a new therapist and pediatrician. But I have appointments for Carson the first week in August. It was a real eye opener, while we were waiting yesterday to see the billing lady, the police bring a gentleman in in handcuffs, he is a psychiatric patient and needs to be committed, and it seems that this clinic is the place to do all that. Carson being Carson wanted to know what that man did to make the police lock his hands. Then he wanted to know if this was the jail and was he gonna be locked like that too. Of course he doens't ask quietly, he blurts it all out loud and within earshot of the man in handcuffs and the police. I wanted to crawl under the chairs. So I called this morning and got on the waiting list for the therapist that can see us in October. We will keep with the clinic until then.

Oh and if you were a charger for a camera, and I put you someplace safe for the move... where would you be??? I can't find the charger for my point and shoot...I have missed a few photo ops because the camera is dead.

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