Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not a Whole Lot to Report

Been a busy day getting things organized and planning what we are going to do this weekend. One thing that we have wanted to do for a couple of years is hit the National Zoo. Turns out that this week the baby Giant Panda Tai Shan turned three CLICK HERE. We are thinking of maybe heading up on Sunday afternoon and checking him out. We most likely will take the metro from somewhere so we can at least park. Realistically we know that parking is going to be impossible on the weekend. So stay tuned and check back in later this weekend, I will have a ton of pictures I am sure.

We are also going to do our big Costco shop... get all the necessary things like 784 rolls of TP and paper we need to get stocked up on groceries... we bought the bare minimum to get through the week... and I can't scrape another meal out of what we have in the freezer. Now if you want Ramen noodles.... I can feed you... but they get real old, real fast.

I have also decided what bookcases I want from IKEA... and we are headed there on Saturday. I am getting the Expedit in white most likely...although the black is sharp looking too. If you have an opinion on black verses white leave me a comment... I really could go either way. Before we moved I literally donated ALL my scrap booking furniture... kept the tables, but have nothing for storage. Anyway this system is expandable... but I want to start with the med size for now. We also want to get some bookcases for the basement at some point as well.

Well I have blathered on for too long... and Carson is sound asleep...I STILL am not accustomed to the time at 11 p.m., and all programing starting at 8 p.m. I hope that we acclimate soon, although Carson IS going to bed much earlier, as it gets dark a lot earlier here too.


Kassie said...

I hope that you have a great weekend and gets lots done. I am sure that you will get use to the time change soon. Thanks for keeping us updated on all your new happening. Take care

Wayne said...

Hmmm Black or White my vote is for