Monday, July 14, 2008

Haircut & Scraproom Beginnings

I mentioned in my last post that we had finally convinced Carson to get a haircut. I really think it is my favorite cut on him. He wanted the top longer than I normally get it cut and the sides shorter... and I wanted it off his ears and trimmed neatly in the back. This cut suits him so well and he likes it. Plus with the top longer, I don't have to worry too much about sunscreen on his scalp.

For the past two days I have been unpacking the basement, which includes Carson's playroom, and my office/scrapbook room combo. We purchased the Ikea Expedit on Saturday. We got the medium sized one, and it did not take me long to realize that I should have bought the larger one. Anyway, I was really wondering where I was going to put all my stuff. I remembered that in the storage room in the basement there was this really neat old Art cabinet from a local school. It is huge and heavy... but oooh so full of potential as a cool place to store all my stuff.
I convinced Wayne that we needed to move it, and it was really simple really. The unit is in two pieces, so we took the top off and slid it on those moving pads (awesome by the way and worth their weight in gold). Moved the base the same way and Wayne bolted it all together. There were sliding glass doors, but I could not get them to close if I put the paper up there, so I took them off and stored them.
Isn't this COOL.... I love the storage that this has... I can hide a multitude of cr*p in it. Plus the four drawers are going to make organising easier too.This is looking down the hallway from the playroom area. To the right is the restroom and wet bar area (not shown) It is a disaster.... so forgive the mess.The picture below is from down the hall... this is a huge room. The previous owner used this as his media room, and art studio. The indentations in the walls are spotlighted and where he hung some of his artwork.
Anyway... I have been busy and am no where near done as this picture attests to. The place is still a mess, and I will post pictures when it is all completed. This picture is looking back toward the playroom and shows the ledge where the previous owner kept the media projectors etc.
While we were waiting for Daddy to come in from the train, Carson practised his hula hoop ... he is actually getting very good at it.


Melissa said...

I love that haircut on Carson--makes him look so grown up. LOVE IKEA TOO!!!

Kassie said...

I like Carson's hair cut. He is getting to be so big. I also love the house so far. I know that you will have a blast when it gets done. I am glad that you have so much room. I wish I had that amount of space. Take care.

Vicki Sullivan said...

I love your website, let me know if you put a subscribe button on it - I'd love to get updates. Also, welcome to our neck of the woods!

Kariberry said...

Wow that's alot of house! Love your scrap spot. Carson haircut looks nice.

Nicole said...

Oh he is a cutie Kari! and is getting more grown up by the day! I love your house, so much room, that scrap area is going to be so nice and you will love all that storage now. I am glad the move was smooth and you are liking it so far. I will check in on ya soon!