Saturday, July 5, 2008

We Have to MOVE Mommy!!!!

Yesterday morning Carson all of the sudden realized that there wasn't a fireplace in this house. He was panic stricken to say the least.... he is soo concerned that Santa won't be able to come to our house this Christmas. He did not understand that Santa of course can come through any opening in a house and we were finally able to convince him that Santa will find him, and that he will make it in through the vents in the wall. He did tell Wayne that he will have to take the grate off the air intake so that Santa can get through. We will have to watch the Santa Clause movie again to remind him that Santa always gets in, whether there is a fireplace or not.


Anonymous said...

So sweet!!!!

Maybe a "Santa's Key" for your doorknob will ease his mind.

Kim said...

What a cute story!!! I love kid's imaginations!

Wendy said...

Kari, tell Carson that you will be at Momos house for Christmas and she has 2 fireplaces so he will be covered double. That is cute.. We miss all of you guys.