Friday, July 18, 2008

The response to the challenge.

The challenge went out and so far I have two new family blogs.... Hayden my nephew has started his own blog and my sister Wendy started a blog as well. Both are linked in my favorites on the side. Haven't heard from the brother or the parents as to whether they will join me in bloggerland. My other nephew...Zach(says he's my favorite)...said he will be starting the Fields Journal (This would be a great blog name by the way) sometime this weekend. I tell you it is addicting. Wendy even posted a short video to Carson from her kids... so her is one or two right back at ya. Carson was sitting there waving and talking back to them, but of course when I had him on camera... I couldn't get him to say much. The first is for Momo and Papa, and the second is for Hayden, Hannah and Hunter. Excuse the sound quality....I couldn't hear it when played back on the camera, but when downloaded... it was kinda forgive me for making the boy shout.


wendybtx said...

love the videos... see that is an easy way to send videos back and forth. Thanks for sending one to us Carson. We love you and miss you.

Wendy, Hayden, Hunter, Hannah and Richard

Kariberry said...

Cute! So happy for you the family challenge worked. Have a Blessed Weekend!

Nicole said...

When we move that is what we are going to have to do as well. My mom feels like she is going to miss everything about our kids growing up. I am glad that you are liking Virginia...I know it makes life so much happier and easier when you are happy where you are!