Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does Anyone Know????

Why do toothaches ALWAYS hurt worse at night????? I have had it with my teeth, and if I could convince my dentist... I would get them all pulled and get dentures. We have dental insurance, so in December I realized we haven't used any of it, and the benefits don't roll over. So I made an appointment for Carson and I. I had some major areas of concern, basically all the work I have had done in the past two years was falling out or needed to be replaced. I made an appointment to get some fillings, and both of those turned into root canals and crowns. The dentist was able to put temporary fillings in, but I would need the root canals and crowns asap in the the New Year. The good news about this was that I was able to use every bit of my benefits last some extra...I will most likely use all of this years benefits in one appointment too.
We were getting ready to fly to Texas, and I start with a toothache...small at first...but I soon realize that it is an the tooth with one of the temporary fillings. Dentist calls me in a antibiotic, and some pain meds. We head to Texas....and I kid you not every single night my teeth would kill me. I can bear it during the day...but nights are the worst. Day before we leave to come home, the other tooth with the temporary now has I am back on my second round of antibiotics....dealing with dental crud. Good news..... I am seeing the endodontist on the 20th....unless I can convince the dentist...I want dentures!

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anita said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I had a root canal last year. I hope it all gets treated soon.