Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ahhhh..... Home Sweet Home!

We are finally home, we had a tremendous time, spent with family and friends. I will admit that ever since moving out of Texas, I have looked forward to the return. We had been in Amarillo, for all of an hour or so and I turned to Wayne and told him that it felt like we had never left. I mean nothing was really any will always be my home, and Wayne, being the Yankee that he is also agreed that Texas is home. I say all that only to say this..... we got home last night about 2:15 in the morning. NOTHING is better than walking into your own home, and sleeping in your own bed. As much as we agree that Virginia is now our home, Texas will always have our hearts.

I am sad that several people we contacted were unable for whatever reasons, to visit with us.....but I am glad that we saw the dear friends that we did, and am thankful for the friendships that we have.

The cats were glad to see us, my neighbor who was feeding them, said she never saw them the entire two weeks. Wayne picked up Petey the dog from his visit at the doggie resort, and he was ever so glad to see us.....he didn't eat hardly anything and seriously lost some weight. I am not too concerned because the first thing he did after pooping in his own yard was eat a bowl full of dog food.

Now begins the monumental task of getting everybody back on schedule for school and work, unpacking everything, and putting up all the Christmas decorations. I was smart and did all the laundry in Texas, so at least that is done. Carson is also very impatiently waiting for the boxes of stuff that Santa brought to get here in the mail. He thought that they would magically be in his room when he got home last night.


rowdyboysmom said...

Well, sure mom, why wouldn't the presents magically appear--AGAIN! :-)

anita said...

that's just what i was thinking! lol

FlipFlop Mom said...

Golly.. I'm truly wishing the kids didn't have to go back to school.. I really LOVE when they are home!!!!!!
Glad you had a GREAT trip!!