Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a child I can remember hoping and praying for there to be enough snow for school to be cancelled! Now as a teacher, I can hope and pray for school to be cancelled. Everyone had been telling me that this area of Virginia, does get snow, however the past couple of winters have been very mild with little to no snow. The county we live in is very cautious and has been known to cancel before the first flakes fall, due to a tragedy several years ago. Sometimes they miss it, and school is out and there is no snow, and sometimes they nail it right on the head. Fortunately for us they nailed it..... school was called this morning about 5:30...not a snowflake to be seen...but all the weather stations were telling us it was on the way. So after I saw the news bright and early this morning, I snuggled back in bed for a few more hours. Carson is sleeping with me this week, since daddy is out of town, and I didn't even bother waking him up.

About 8:30 he woke up, and looked at me and said...we missed the bus...He was kinda upset about it too. But I told him to go look out the window and see if he saw anything. He let out the loudest scream...so excitedly exclaiming that it was snowing! Big, gigantic, humongous snowflakes were falling, the grounds were all covered as were the trees, and it was sooooo quiet. I forced him to wait.... (I know, I am a MEAN mom)...while I took a shower, and got dressed before he went out and played in the snow. I am convinced he would have gone out in his underwear if I had let him.

We headed over to the next door neighbors house first, because she called and said she had a sled for Carson to use. We dug that out and he was off....first he made snow angels.Then he helped mommy clear Miss Anne's sidewalks and driveway. We have to clear in front of the mailboxes or they won't deliver mail...so he did that too! The child is finally earning his keep!They we headed across the street to the small hill to try out the sled.

So far we have about four inches...supposed to snow all day and night though...so hopefully a few more inches. The only bad thing about this is that they are saying that tomorrow this is all supposed to turn to rain and ice over...Now THAT will be a huge headache. There is no school tomorrow anyway due to a scheduled in service...YAY! another day at home!!!

The boy is sound asleep as I write this... he wore himself out playing in the snow...I have a huge pot of beans cooking, along with homemade bread, and we are going to venture out this afternoon and make a snowman. Movies, and hot chocolate are in line for this evening. I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!!!!


Wayne said...

Hey Buddy, wish I could be there today to play in the snow with you. Maybe the next snowstorm I will be there with you. Thanks for helping mommy clear the driveway and the sidewalk and it looks like you had some fun in the snow on the sled.

Miss and love you,


anita said...