Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am so far behind..... I will never catch up!

If you look to the left of my Blog, you will see my blog rolls.. I have three. I absolutely love to scrapbook, but have not been able to lately simply because with Carson he wants to be right in the middle. Anyway, you will see a long list of blog links for CTMH. These lovely ladies are all Close to my Heart Consultants just like I am. Their blogs inspire me to want to scrapbook more. They are all so very talented and creative. I have decided after today.... that I am going to try and post at least one new layout a week. The talent that these women have is amazing, and I strive to be as creative as they are. So to get the ball rolling.... so to speak, I pulled some of my favorite recent layouts. But with exception of the bike one, these date back two years... that is how far I am behind. Something that I realized a couple of days ago, is that this blog is a scrapbook of sorts as well. I try to post daily... and by doing so I am able to document so much better what actually happened and I have the date stamp there also :)

I love this layout because it really shows Carson's wild personality plus it was his first trip to the beach! I used a tru fit folio and made this one a fold down four page layout. I did not take a picture of the fourth page, because me in a swimsuit = not pretty! I am so far behind that I haven't even journaled on this one yet!This next layout is from the same vacation to Virginia Beach. My aunt took Carson fishing for the first time on the pier of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

This last one is one of my favorites... just loved the way all the colors worked so well together. Carson got his first real bike for Easter 2007. We spent one afternoon outside while he rode all around hamming it up!Anyway... now that I have bored you with all this... I will leave you with this. I once had a friend ask me why did I scrapbook so much? I replied because there is so much that happens on a regular day that is extraordinary in my son's life that I want to look back when things are not so extraordinary and remember the good ones! Besides Carson absolutely loves to look at his books.


Carri said...

Okay see, I would love to have scrap books to look back at....I just want someone to do it for me!! You are so good at them, it almost makes me want to do some!

Sandra said...

Oh, I've seen you've added me to your blog list. Thanks girlfriend!
Sandra T.
CTMH sister

Melissa said...

I think your scrapbooking is SO NEAT!! I wish I had gotten into it, but alas...not THAT creative. I have kept up baby books for all 3--tell me that counts for something! :)