Saturday, April 26, 2008

Long and Boring Day!

For a Saturday, today was rather boring! I was quite productive in that I got completely caught up on laundry, cleaned the kitchen including mopping. I also spent some time in Carson's room helping him get it organized. It was just boring. Time seems to drag lately, and that is probably because the person I talked to the most today is only five. Granted he can be very enlightening to talk to. I talked to Wayne several times, and that always helps, but I will be the first to admit that I am lonely. Especially after last week in DC with Wayne.

We watched Cars for the 57,647th time today... which means we watched it three times. Well, actually it was on three different times...Carson only sat through it when it got too windy to be outside. But I finally figured out something he has been saying for quite some time.... for the longest time he would say to me "quitted top of your game". I had no clue what that meant, but Carson would say it when he would get upset or frustrated over something. Well I was actually sitting folding some laundry while he was watching it and there is a scene where Lightening McQueen is talking to Doc about when he was a racer. He said to Doc "why did you quit at the top of your game?" Talk about light bulb moment... I realized that he was saying the same thing, he just had no idea what it meant that he was saying. I always thought it was backtalk when Carson used it, and perhaps he was saying it to be a smart mouth. Anyway I was able to explain to him what LM was telling Doc.

See I told you I was bored!

I am gonna post a couple more pics from our trip... cause I know you guys all love to see more of my pics ;)

Lavendar Tulips from the tulip beds around the Tidal Basin...

A cheesy picture of Carson and I... we were both wiped out after the Smithsonian... but the only one that is semi-decent of both of us!

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