Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Smile Says it ALL!

I have been looking forward to today for several weeks. This was the day that Carson's class pictures and his cap and gown pictures were going to be taken. I was totally fine until we walked into the classroom and of the kids surrounded Carson with a huge group hug. Of course I bawl... my son was so excited and he was genuinely missed by all of his friends.

The Photographer was a little backed up and we had to wait...for which I am thankful, because we didn't just walk in get pictures and have to leave. For the first time since all of this happened...Carson was the center of attention... GOOD attention! Here he is surrounded by his friends, waiting for HIM to tell them what to do next with their cars... kinda like Simon Says.He had a terrific time, was able to play one on one with a few girls...At one point, Miss Heather wanted all the kids to go and sit on their spots. Carson did not go over and sit on his spot.. instead he put his little head down on the table and refused to go. When Miss Heather asked him why he didn't want to go sit with the rest of the class. He said that he was sad and that he missed his Daddy. I am a big sap lately, and this about broke my heart. Everyday he tells me he misses his Daddy... but today it was so sincere and heartbreaking. One of his classmates came up to Carson and told him that he still has a spot on the carpet, no one else sits there... they saved it for him. Again, the waterworks start.

The class prior to us getting there, made Carson a picture of a volcano. We all know how much he LOVES volcanoes. Everyone signed it with their fingerprints, and names. He wants to hang it in his room.... I think we are going to frame it first for him.

I was a little worried that when it came time to leave we would have some issues. So we talked about this on the way, and he understood that he was just visiting. We have 18 T-shirts that were sent home for us to put his hand print on....and graduation (hopefully) to look forward to.


Carri said...

Hey girl, I am so glad that today went so well! I will call you later to get all the details!

Keri said...

You are so right. That smile says it all!

Kassie said...

I am so glad to hear that things went well.