Sunday, April 20, 2008

Butterflies and Dinosaurs.... in one day!

Kinda like lions and tigers and bears.... Not really but these were the two focus areas that interested Carson. Can one do the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in one day?Seriously, I don't think that it can be done. Especially when youngest member of our party is five, and had only two things on his mind. Butterflies and Dinosaurs! They are having a special exhibit right now that is a walk through butterfly habitat, and Carson was insistent that the butterflies will land on his fingers. I will post a few pictures in a minute. We also went to Imax show... The Dinosaurs of Patagonia in 3D. It was awesome. It was really fun to watch Carson try to reach out and touch things that appeared to fly right at you. It also made all of us jump a few times as well. I did sneak off a couple of times myself... to important stuff like diamonds.... this is the infamous Hope Diamond... was absolutely stunning! The picture in no way does it any justice. There are a few pictures from the butterfly exhibit here as well... I enjoyed that exhibit immensely

The following pictures are of Wayne and Carson with the 3D glasses waiting for the dinosaur movie. Then there are a few of the Dinosaurs in the exhibit halls. The lighting is low and the pictures are a little dark... but some of them are really neat anyway.

It poured practically all day, so inside museums was the place to be... they were packed! We were at the museum for about five hours and did not get past the 2nd floor. There are at least two more floors plus several other buildings that are a part of the Smithsonian. Since we know that we will be living here in the near future.... I am sure we will make it back! It is free admission to most museums in D.C., but they do charge for special exhibits, like the butterflies, and the Imax presentations. They have a cafeteria inside the basement of the museum... and you can get practically anything... but for thee of us to eat lunch it was about $40.00 bucks.... not cheap by any means... but it was actually pretty good food!

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Kassie said...

I am glad that ya'll are having so much fun. Take care and enjoy each other.