Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Make a Daddy Cry when Daddy is 1,600 Miles Away

Priceless times of Carsons life that I am missing while in Virginia are told to me via Kari. Today was one of those priceless times when I would have traded everything I own to be in Amarillo. We all know that Carson is no longer attending school and today was the day that his spring school pictures and spring class picture were going to be taken and taken in a cap and gown. Per prior arrangements and approval with the school Kari takes him to school and all of his classmates are very happy and anxious to see him. He got hugs, and kisses, and all the kids wanted him to come play something with him, it was like he had never left. In fact the kids made him a picture of a volcano, and they all signed it. We all know Carson loves volcanos. Kari, Ms. Heather, and Ms. Denyce were all in tears. I might not have all the details of the story right and I'l let Kari tell it from a first hand experience. At some point during his class visit today Ms. Heather wanted all the students to sit around their tables and in their respective seats including Carson. Since Carson left the school no one has sat in his seat it is still Carson's seat and he didn't want to go sit with his friends - when asked why - he said "I MISS MY DADDY" - absolutely PRICELESS - there was not a dry eye in that classroom and there was not a dry one on the phone a little while ago when Kari was relating this to me.

Carson buddy - I MISS YOU TOO - Love Daddy

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Carri said...

Wayne you are such a good Daddy and I know that it is hard on both of you to be so far apart! Hang in there it won't be long!!