Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Tired Puppy and a Big Parenting Oops

Wow! Twice in less than two weeks Carson has fallen asleep in the den much earlier than he normally does. I had to actually wake him up at 9 p.m. because he missed his nightime meds. Since this is such a rare event... I had to capture a photo or three! He was wearing his Cars t-shirt, and watching Cars of course!
We went to church this morning and Carson was fantastic...almost scary how well behaved he was. He was my shadow everywhere I went, and was actually underfoot a few times. I am thinking that since we are sheltering him so much, he has developed a fear of sorts around other people. I don't know whether fear is the right word or not...maybe apprehensive, but he definitely was my buddy all day.
Now for my/our parenting oops. Several months ago, Wayne and I used the reward system for Carson to encourage him to try his best at school, church and home. If he got all smiles in his folder from school we would stop on the way home and he could get a frozen sprite and a bag of chips. If he received 10 in a row, he could earn a bigger prize, which was either a trip to Gatti's (a pizza arcade type place) or some small toy. Well when all the mess at school came out, we used the excuse that he is going through a rough time and perhaps he deserves a toy for good behavior at the store etc. So he would get to pick out a small toy at Walmart when we did our shopping. Then Daddy sent him a huge dinosaur from the Discovery Store. Carson now expects a toy every single time we go shopping. It is to the point that I HATE to take him with me... but seeing as I have no other option, I have to take him with me. The talk starts in the car and I swear he needs to go into hostage negotiation when he grows up. The hostage taker would surrender just to get him to STOP talking. I swear each and every time I will not give in... I promise myself that no matter what he does, or says he will not be rewarded just for behaving as he should. Most of the time I give in because I don't want a scene in the grocery store. I will say that it is not EVERY time we go shopping... but more often than not.
I am vowing right now to start an incentive chart again (worked great before) and stick to it. Yes, I believe that children, particularly Carson respond well when given something to work towards. But I have to get him broken of this horrible habit of expecting something every time we go out. Suggestions anyone??? I am open. Specifically anything to help me keep my sanity in dealing with this the next time we go shopping.

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Kassie said...

I will keep you and Carson in my prayers. You are doing a great job with Carson keep up the good work and I know that you can stick to your guns.