Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools....and random thoughts

Wayne just likes to think that he can get me... I know better.... I am really good... and usually don't fall for pranks like he thinks... He, however, on the other hand can scream like a little girl... and has many times... when spooked.
This is Payton, my newly one year old nephew... on Easter Sunday.....He is a real stinker... and has everyone wrapped....tight...especially my Mom and Dad.
Wayne and Carson... my two men in suits.... Wayne never gives me a smile in posed pictures... so he looks mad...when he really isn't.
This is what Carson looks like when he falls asleep after eating ice cream...without washing his face...I let him sleep....he took a bath in the morning.

I don't know what it is... other than Wayne being gone, that prevents me from going to sleep at a decent hour every night. Last night it was 2:15am the last time I looked at the clock...The dogs needed out at 3:50.. and I think I fell back asleep about 4:30. Fortunately Carson slept until about 9:30. When Wayne is home I can usually go to sleep at a decent hour.. at least by midnight...oh well.... this too shall pass... I hope!

Carson got invited to a birthday party for a little boy in his pre-school class for Wednesday afternoon. The time of the party is from 5-7, we have church at 6:15... If we go we would have to leave early. I am conflicted for several reasons. The main being that the kids in Carson's class were all told that we were getting ready to move to Virginia. His teachers told me that several ask about him still... so I know that he was missed by his class. I am conflicted because I don't want to set Carson up for disappointment. He is so incredibly lonely.... He misses his friends all the time and constantly asks when he gets to go back to school. He would love getting to see them... but I am afraid that IF he DOESN'T get to go back to school, that we will start all over with the crying and wanting to see his friends. Another reason... is I don't know how many moms actually know the real reason why he is not there. I know that several do... but I don't want to have to be explaining that we haven't moved yet... and blah blah blah. At this point in this whole mess... we KNOW the results of the investigation, but not many others do yet. I don't want to answer questions about us, it, the move etc. I will have to think real hard about what would be best for Carson, and also call Gary and let him know we might be a few minutes late....More later..

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Wayne said...


My thoughts are to take him, Missy personally called to invite him, it would do him some good. I know your conflicted and I honestly believe that the school will let him come back, they are just having to wait for the paperwork to catch up. They have changed their procedures, and Heather, Denyce, and others do all want him back. He woudl at least get to see ssome of his friends and that might be the best thing for him even if only for a short while.