Saturday, April 12, 2008


Do you ever wonder why things work out the way that they do??? I have been questioning for several weeks why in 10 years of marriage Wayne and I have been separated by several states for extended periods of time. The first time over 5 years ago... Wayne was working for a company called Raytheon in Forrest, Mississippi. Carson was only a hope for the future, and it was just me and Wayne's mom living in our house in Amarillo. We were trying to sell the house and all move to Mississippi. Thank GOD that the house did not sell!... Wayne was home for Christmas break December 28th 2001, when we suddenly lost his amazing mother May. Never was there a sweeter mother-in-law, than Anna May George. She was a phenomenal, gracious lady who was loved by all who knew her.

After May's passing, life adjusted and Wayne went back to Mississippi to work. The house was still on the market... but again PRAISE GOD that it didn't sell. March 2002, I am working at my parents aquarium store in town, when the phone rings. There is a young woman on the phone wanting to know if we are hiring. We really weren't, but I told her she was welcome to come in and apply. She came in a few hours later... and Mom and I discussed her and hired her on the spot.

Now cut to 5 weeks later... this young woman comes in and says that she needs to take the next day off. I ask her why.. and she says that she is pregnant and needed to go to planned parenthood to see about an abortion(I shudder when I type that word). Wayne and I at this point in our marriage had been trying for 5 years for a child. There were issues and we were trying alternative methods to have a baby. I was on heavy duty fertility drugs and we were going through IUI. We had enough money for one more round, and decided that if that did not work, we would pursue other avenues for a child. Cut back to the young woman needing time off.... She explained that she already had a 9 month old at home and was not married. She was afraid that her parents would disown her and her son, she thought the only option she had was to terminate her pregnancy. God was with us for sure that day.. because I am generally a non-confrontational person, but I got in her face (politely.. if you can believe that) and told her that there were hundreds of couples in Amarillo alone who would be happy to adopt her baby, if not us. I told her about our attempt to conceive, and how much we would love to adopt her child. She left adamant that she needed to terminate this pregnancy.

Get a call the next morning... after a very sleepless night, from our manager at the store... he said that the young woman wanted to talk to me... She gets on the phone and said that she went home the day before and played with her baby.. and realized that there was no way she could go through with it and would we take her baby! Of course I sad yes... without even consulting Wayne who was traveling across country with his mothers ashes to bury her in New Hampshire. I called him up and basically told him we were adopting this baby. I don't know for sure what he thought.. I am sure he was a little like "sure dear, whatever"... but he soon came around and realized that our dream of a child was going to be realized. I went to every single prenatal, we supported her in any legal way that we could, and we became friends with her family.

September 15th 2002 Carson Frederick Isaiah George was born and I was present at his birth, as was Wayne, my mom and dad, my sister. Her mom, aunt and grandmother were there as well. It was a truly amazing thing to say that, as a mom, I got to witness his entrance into this world. We were truly touched by GOD when Carson was born and we give thanks to Him daily for this miracle.

Wayne was still working in Mississippi, and he soon had to go back to work... I was left alone with a newborn... we were ever more diligent to sell the house and be together as a family. To make the commute a little easier Wayne was transferred to Wichita, Kansas... 6 hour drive verses the 12 from Mississippi. now we looked at transferring back to Kansas.... but we were still waiting on the house to sell.

Carson was 18 months old when Wayne was able to get on with Bell Helicopter in Amarillo... and we were a complete family again. He missed sooo much in that 18 month period, and we suffered as a family in many ways. But again, GOD was in control... we found a wonderful church that fit our needs, made awesome, lifetime friends, and I was able to say we were truly blessed in many ways....Carson was thriving under the doting of both of his parents... and we were settled.

Present day, Amarillo.. and Wayne is working in Washington D.C. and I am here in Texas with Carson...I can only imagine what the Lord has in store for us in Virginia.. other than a complete fresh start... which is desperately needed and the opportunity to develop new friendships.

So why so melancholy????... when I know that GOD has so much in store for us.???? I know that it is easy to look back and see the hand of God, but it is rare that we can see the plans as they unfold. I guess I am at the point in the journey... that I want to take the picture and look back at the memories. Weird huh? Sometimes the days seem long and endless... especially with it just being Carson and I 24/7 . I long for adult conversation...freedom...something... You would think that my house is immaculate because I am home all the time....WRONG!...I spend way too much time watching Backyardigans, and Sponge Bob...on the computer... I should be enjoying the time for myself...but I don't. Wayne, I know that this is a HUGE sacrifice for both of us... but more so for you. I know that you would trade your left kidney to spend a hour with us... and I know we are heading in the right direction... being a whole, complete family again.

So why the history lesson???... I don't know except I really felt like letting you know of our blessings and how the hand of GOD is so visible looking back... but isn't always apparent looking forward. You can only start with the knowledge that God is with us each step of the journey and take the photos along the way.. then wait for the pictures to see how HE was evident in the entire journey.

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Carri said...

I know you guys are looking forward to a new start and being together as a family BUT we are going to miss y'all like crazy! I too know that God takes us through great adventures to grow and mature us! I am so glad that God blessed us with you guys.