Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Loose Tooth!

It's this one Mama!!
A picture from the past ... when he only had 8 teeth.

I know that it is a right of passage of sorts... but today Carson comes running into the bedroom all excited, his mouth full of food....jumping up and down with excitement because his bottom tooth was loose. Of course we had to call Daddy...and let him know how excited we are! Am I excited? Yes. But I am also a little sad... He cut that tooth on February 20, 2003. I have the exact date written down... because it was his first to come in... and I, of course had to scrapbook it. I am praying that I am there when that tooth comes out. There are so many milestones in childhood... and I am blessed to say that I have been there for a majority of them. I am a true dork, in that I already have scrapbook paper that I bought about a year ago for the page I am planning to do. I have a pillow with a special pocket for the tooth know for the Tooth Fairy... I just need to find out what the Tooth Fairy's going rate is... Is it more for the first tooth vs the second and so forth?

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Keri said...

Don't get Gracelyn's opinion on the Tooth Fairy's rates. The first tooth was a huge hit and she was given a whopping 5 bucks thanks to Daddy. When we lost tooth #2 she downsized to 3 dollars. I was happy giving her 50 cents but what do I know??? Gracelyn lost both of her teeth at school. I was soooooo sad! Why can't they stay 5 forever??