Monday, June 30, 2008

We are still in Limbo!

We are here... have been for over 24 hours....but we have no household stuff. Our moving van is actually here in Woodbridge, Virginia... about 20 miles N. of here. BUT... and this is a BIG BUT.... the Woodbridge Bekins agent has no record of our move having been made with them. In other words it wasn't scheduled with them. Since it wasn't scheduled with them... they are already booked solid...the absolute earliest that they could get us delivered and set up in Thursday. After Wayne unscrewed himself from the ceiling, I get the phone call from him telling me all of this. Our booking agent and the Bekins central are trying to get things ironed out for us... but nothing can happen until at least Thursday. What I am really worried about is that Friday is the 4th...and with the way things are going...well, I really don't want to think about what will happen if they go beyond that time frame. We have already rescheduled with the Dish people, the phone people, and the gas Co once... looks like some more rescheduling is in the near future.

So while all this is happening... Wayne, Carson, Petey and I are living at the Marriott Town Suites in Fredericksburg. At least there is a pool. Wayne is going to go to work tomorrow and take off on Thursday and that will give us all weekend to hopefully get it all ironed out at the house. The ONLY bright spot in this is that Bekins is footing the bill for the hotel and food for us...but only up to 125.00/day. Does anyone know how much the average hotel in this area goes for that is at least decent? It sure isn't less that 95.00 a night. I guess all three of us can eat on 30.00/day... that 10.00 each...right?

Anyway... at least we are all here... in one piece....I am trying to be patient...really I am... just frustrated beyond all measure.

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Kariberry said...

OMG hang in there. It will all work out for the good. That's a promise we have. :)