Thursday, June 19, 2008

Final Leg!

Wayne just called me and told me that he will be here in less than an hour. I. Can't. Hardly. Wait. While I have missed my husband tremendously since he has been gone... I will admit that I am more than a little ready to have someone to share Carson with. I love Carson more than life itself.... but lately every single little thing he does is grating on my last nerve. I know it is the stress of all the packing, and the move and stuff... but...seriously I am turning into the not so fun mom. I really don't like being the not so fun mom. I have zero patience. We have made a point of taking breaks at least a couple of times a week to head to the water park etc... and I know his whole world is turning upside down. It is sad when my child comes up to me and asks me if I am gonna be nice now.

I really have a billion things to do this weekend, but I am really hoping to get one hour all alone to maybe get a pedicure or something like that.... if not, just having Wayne here to take the boy for a while for Daddy time will be heaven on earth.

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