Saturday, June 21, 2008

~Yes! There is a Light~

I can see the end of the tunnel. With Wayne home things have progressed much faster than I anticipated. We are in the final countdown...only the rest of our bedroom (a good hour will complete it), an hour in the kitchen, and maybe a couple of hours in the garage. Plus a few closets to empty... and we are DONE! The truck is supposed to be here bright and early Tuesday morning...Wayne assures me that we will be loaded in one day. We have to clean the house on Wednesday... and most likely hit the road on Thursday afternoon at the latest. This would put us in Fredericksburg late Saturday evening, and allow us to relax at least one day before the truck gets there on Monday. Then it all starts again...YIKES!

We decided to wait on the new vehicle...Because we most likely will need the truck to haul some stuff that wont fit on the moving truck... and we really don't want to rush and buy... we want to research what vehicle would be best for our family. The downside is that I have to drive my car and Wayne will drive the pick-up with Carson.

I came real close to having Wayne move a bunch of packed boxes out to the garage yesterday to give me some room in the house to turn around. Thankfully I am a scatterbrain, and did not get around to mentioning it, because we had over 2.5 inches of rain late last rained so fast and hard that our garage flooded quite a bit. Wayne was out in the garage as it was at 1:00 a.m. moving a few boxes that we had moved from the storage room. Then he spent the better part of an hour this morning sweeping that water out of the garage. The rain also came in under the front door...but towels were able to stop it from going to far.

Things are definitely winding down... I promised Carson and some friends that we would hit the water park for a few hours on Monday for the last time...

We are finally moving... and as Carson so eloquently put it...we get to be a family again.


Kariberry said...

Yea for you guys. Moving is hard. Enjoy the ride and have a safe trip and i'll be praying for you guys on the road.

Amanda said...

We are going to miss each of you. I'm so glad we got to know each of you. Our family will be praying for a safe trip for you all. May God bless your family in everything that you do.