Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Need Your Prayers Please!

It is 8:20 am Central time, and I am waiting patiently (if possible) for the truck to show up and begin loading us. We could most definitely use your prayers as we begin the final part of our move. There is some apprehension on my part... and I am really just now realizing that we are actually going through with this. There has always been in the back of my mind, the hope that something will happen to stop this and we will stay in Amarillo. Please pray for a smooth transition, for us, Carson , our stuff, car problems... you know all of it ...blanket us in prayer.

Carson is wild with excitement.... we have talked this up to him for months. Making sure he understood that Virginia is a cool, fun place. He remembers the summer of '05 when we vacationed in the Virginia Beach, Richmond and D.C. area. The time when we saw the BIG fireworks on the National Mall on the Fourth of July. While we will be there in time for the BIG show... I think we are going to play it a little more low key this year and do something a little more local to where we are going to live.

Carson really thinks that all his friends will be in Virginia as well...I hope that he isn't too disappointed when he realizes that they aren't moving too. Last week when we said goodbye to his teachers, Miss Heather told him that she and her family were going to save up their money and come visit us. He took that literally, and expects visits from all his friends, teachers, therapists, etc. I am wanting to get him involved in as much as possible as quickly as possible so that he has the opportunity to make new friends quickly.

Well I am hoping to get to post from the road, but really don't know how tired I will be every night. If not I will definitely update once we gt in and get computer service again.


Kassie said...

Sorry that I did not get to come by and see you. I hope that your trip will be great and that nothing will go wrong. I am in hopes that we can come and visit ya'll sometime. Take care and I will keep in touch as much as possible.

Kariberry said...

Keeping you guys covered in prayer. Have a safe trip!