Thursday, June 19, 2008

797 Miles Down 803 To Go

I decided that instead of leaving at noontime today to head back to Amarillo I'd leave earlier. With all the unpaid OT I've worked the past 4 weeks I decided that instead of going into the office till noon time then hitting the road that I'd hit the road earlier. I left Woodbridge, VA at 9:10 this morning and have travelled 797 miles of 1,600 miles. So that puts me at Dickson, Tennessee about 30 miles west of Nashville, I checked into the motel a little after 10:30pm CST. In all I spent 13 hours on the road not including stops for lunch and dinner, that does include the picking up an hour when crossing time zones. Hope to be on the road no later than 8am will a potential arrival into Amarillo by 9pm. Can't wait to get there have 2 very important people to see....

1 comment:

Kariberry said...

Good Lord that's quite a ways to drive. Be safe.
I enjoy reading your blog that you and Kari share!
Happy packing and have a safe move!! God be with you!!