Friday, June 6, 2008

The Dumpter AKA the Dump Tank!

This is the DUMP TANK at Splash Amarillo.....It fills and when it reaches a certain level inside it dumps about 75 gallons of water on those fortunate enough to be under it. For the past three years Carson has been fascinated with the dump tank... so much so that there is a little accessory that goes to his GeoTrax that he thinks is just like the "dumpter". He will take his little dumpter to Splash and sit by the edge of the pool and watch the dump tank until it gets ready to dump. He will slowly dump his little tank right along with the big dumpter.
He will sit for hours and do this... although this summer he really tells me that his little dumpter is too little, he needs a bigger one just like at Splash... so he has started to take his bucket and do the same thing. But unfortunately I had to take the bucket away because he was pouring water on kids while they were laying down. So it is back to the little dumpter for now.

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Carri said...

I am jealous that you are getting all the sun at Splash this year!!!!