Monday, June 2, 2008

Breaking News!!!! We Have Lost the TOOTH!

Real excitement in the George household tonight... Carson came into the office and told me that his tooth was really loose, I wiggled it and it was really ready to come out. I told him to twist it and see if he could. I really did not think he was ready to pull it out, but he told me to pull his tooth. All it took was one little pull and we had our first tooth for the Tooth Fairy. We immediately called Daddy with our news...and I suddenly realized that there is NO cash in the house..... Yikes... So I called my parents and asked them if they had any cash... they scrounged and came up with five dollars for me. So I asked Carson if he wanted to run over to MoMo's and Papa's and show them the lost tooth. He was all game for that. We made our run, and after we get the money from my mom and dad, Carson said he was really thirsty, after all he did swallow a bit of blood (shhh don't tell him that though) So I ran into the local convenience store and asked the clerk if she had any of the gold dollars... she had five Yeah! we make the trade get Carson a soda (for being brave)and head home. Carson was in a BIG hurry to get home and get to bed because the tooth fairy was coming tonight. We had to call him... err her and let her know our address and that we were still in Texas, not Virginia yet, and let her know that he would brush real good tonight... in case she wanted to check out the rest of his teeth. We had to get in the bed and make sure that the tooth was placed right under the pillow...and that she would be able to find it. Carson was kinda bummed that he can't whistle yet... I guess he thought that he would be able to do that once he lost his tooth. He does have a cute little lisp though.

I have been a little fearful that he would lose his tooth and then lose his tooth. I was also worried that he would never let me pull it. I was really surprised that he did so well, and with no fear. Now if he had seen the blood that was associated with pulling... that would have been a whole nuther story.


Wayne said...

Hey Buddy I hope you start to whistle soon. The tooth fairy will come tongiht, and I hope that she leaves you something special under your pillow. I love you.


Carri said...

It amkes me sad to realize our boys are getting so big! I am very proud of him for letting you pull it. We can't wait to see it!

Kariberry said...

Kari your pictures and stories are sooo cute! He is such a cute little boy. OH Yeah, you'll be busy packing! i don't envy you at all. I feel sorry for you. LOL but your moving and that's a good thing. It's just a lot of work. Saving yourself 3ooo.oo is worth it. Hey, on my house progress post slideshow did ya see Micah's Boots. I had you in mind when i took the picture. LOL I wasn't kidding when i told ya he wants to wear them all the time. Too funny.
Now take a deep breath and PACK.
Looking forward to updates. :)