Sunday, June 1, 2008

Count Down To the Move

Today is June 1st, there are 19 days, till I leave Virginia to head back to Amarillo. There is 21 days till I arrive in Amarillo, ahh yes that means I am driving. I've rented a Suburban and will be driving that back to Amarillo to help bring the George clan back to Virginia. The George clan consists of Kari, Carson, Petey, Jake, and Bailey, that's my wife, our son, our doxie, and the twin brother pussy cats. The packers arrive in 22 days, and the moving truck arrives in 23 days. Once that truck is packed and gone we will spend our last night in Amarillo probably with Kari's parents, then in approximately 24 days from today we will begin the cross country trek to move the clan. The planned arrival into Fredericksburg, VA will be around the 28th of June. That allows for us to take our time and not to rush the trip.

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