Monday, June 23, 2008


We just got a phone call from the moving company... They aren't going to have a truck in Amarillo until WEDNESDAY. They were supposed to come tomorrow! On the positive side we could always use the extra day for packing etc. On the negative, the delay is going to cause some issues with delivery. They are now stating that they won't be able to deliver until the 1st of July...that in itself is not a huge thing, but for the simple little detail that Wayne has to be back at work on the 1st. Now I have done a lot in getting this house ready ahead of time, packing, purging, and organizing. BUT I really don't want to be at a house I have never even seen, in a area I have never been to, with movers I haven't met. Let alone what do I do with Carson during all this... not knowing a single soul in the area. The delay in the loading will really push us in getting the house cleaned after we vacate. We have also already contacted all of our utilities to disconnect on Wednesday. So the movers will really be sweating loading the truck with no A/C and electricity after 4 pm. (Wayne is going to call and delay utilities if possible). Not to mention that we are supposed to meet all the utility people at the new house on Monday...If we miss the DISH people I am sure that they will reschedule.... a couple of weeks from then.

Wayne contacted our agent and he was unaware of all these issues. Hopefully we will hear back from him soon...I really hope that things get worked out soon... we could use some good news and less stress at this point.

There is a silver lining in all this besides the extra day in packing... we get one more day with friends and family...we are gonna relax this evening for a while and hit the ball running in the morning.

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