Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are in Kentucky

After FINALLY getting on the road yesterday afternoon, we are in Louisville, Kentucky. We spent yesterday morning getting the final things done in Amarillo. I needed an oil change and a tire rotation, and We had to turn the keys in for the old house and all the normal stuff. We left Amarillo at 12:07, and I no sooner hit the I-40 when there was a horrible shake to my car. So I was right by the tire store and I pulled right in. Evidently when they rotated my tires that morning... they forgot to balance them correctly. They got me right in and within 45 minutes I was back on the road.

I forget when you figure travel time from point A to point B that you need to figure in stops. And with Carson, two cats and a dachshund, you HAVE to stop. We stopped last night in Springfield, Missouri, and woke up to torrential rainfall this morning. When we got on the road about 10 am it was raining, not too bad, but enough that there was an accident on the interstate that delayed us for about an hour. Once we got East of the wreck, we only traveled about 10 miles when the rain hit so hard and so fast that I had to pull over to the side of the road for about a half an hour. Wayne had also pulled over ahead of me. We finally got back on the road and stopped in St. Louis and let Carson and the dog out for a run around the Arch. I walked down to the river and there are barricades up all along the river. The flooding is massive... it completely covers both roads that run along the river walk. Carson and I then walked up to the base of the arch and took a few pictures.

We stopped quickly to grab this picture in Indianna.... in all we have covered 6 states. Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. We still have to cover the rest of Kentucky, West Virginia and then Virginia. We figure we have about 9 hours left... and want to get on the road no later than 9 am. We also lost an hour as we are now on eastern time...yuk!


Kariberry said...

It's so nice to read your update from the road. You're almost home! :) God Bless you guys!!

Kassie said...

I am sorry that I did not get to say good bye to you. I know how things are when you are moving and I did not want to bother you. Take care and keep in touch I hope that your trip goes good and things will be great for ya'll.