Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are Here!

We are FINALLY here! It seemed like we were going to be driving for weeks....but we did finally get here tonight. I was about 15 miles ahead of Wayne for the last leg... and I was able to drive right to the house and see it for the first time without Wayne and Carson. I will say it is way more house than we have ever seen, but I love it and I am sure it will be our home before too long.

We have NOT heard from the movers yet... and when we checked the status online, it said that it was still in transit. So we are really hoping that we will have it all here tomorrow. If not... we are staying the night at the Marriott Town Suites, a nice room with a kitchenette. At least I could cook something instead of the fast food stuff we have been eating for the past week.

We dropped the animals off at the house and unloaded my car, so that we all could ride in one car to find a hotel and something to eat. Petey... the dog, has NOT used the restroom in 2 days.... at least not a poop. Kinda worried about him... if he doesn't get down to business tomorrow... we may be finding a vet tomorrow. We left the cats at the house for the night. I set up the litter pan and food for them and let them have free roam of the house for tonight so that they can at least get acclimated somewhat. I DID NOT want to have to disassemble another hotel room bed to try and get them out from under the bed again. After we ate a quick dinner and found a hotel...we drove back to the house and picked up Petey. Get back to the hotel and we are on the backside of a hotel with a whole bunch or traveling construction workers as next door neighbors...neither Wayne or I felt too comfortable there so we had to go find another hotel that took pets... after three tries we found the one we are in now.

More exciting news from Carson tomorrow night!


Kariberry said...

YOU MADE IT! Oh happy day.. I mean night.:) Can't wait to see pic's. I will probably drool over your "BIG House" Hope your stuff comes ASAP

Lisa said...

I missed your "we are in KY. post"
until right now. We could have had a quick visit.. I am so glad your there and that part is over! I cant wait to see pics of the new place.. I saw it on the outside when you posted, but now im dying to see the inside, especially the scrap room ...
Hugs and Prayers,

Sandra T. said...

So glad to hear you finally made it. Can't wait to see what your house looks like from the inside.