Thursday, June 26, 2008

One More day!

I really can not believe that I only have one more night in Texas! Yes, we thought that we would be on the road by now. But as they say the best laid plans of mice and men...anyway, we spent today at the house cleaning, and I must say it is way cleaner than when we moved in.
We plan on hitting the road by 12pm tomorrow, and take it slow....8 hrs a day will get us there by 2 on Sunday.

I will admit that I have been quite emotional over this whole thing, especially the past two days... Just thinking about leaving has me tearing up again. I said goodbye to my sister and her family last night. Some special friends yesterday and today....but I am dreading saying goodbye to my parents. I know I have done it before when I left for college and when Wayne and I first got married... but this one seems so far and so final.

Anyway I can sit here all night, worrying.. or I can got to bed and hopefully get a good nights sleep...Not real easy with a five year old between us.

We do have a MAJOR praise.... we got the final bill for the move... and we came UNDER budget by $30.00....GOD REALLY DOES LOOK OUT FOR US! We sweated the final numbers... and God already had the answer!

We don't know yet if they are going to deliver on Monday or not yet.... but we will find out in the morning.

Hope to post from the road...

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