Thursday, June 5, 2008

~Banana Splits and Daddy~

Most little boys typically strive to be just like their Daddy, and Carson is no different. When Wayne was home last time we went out one evening for ice cream to Braums (gonna miss them when we move...cheapest and best milk). Wayne always gets a banana split with no nuts, and we get Carson a small sundae or a kids cone. This particular night, Carson was insisting on a banana split... you know just like Daddy. I kept telling him that he can get a little sundae and still be just like Daddy. I ordered Wayne's banana split with no nuts and it must have been our night, we got the slowest girl in history. The place was packed with all the sports teams, and after practice groups. It took her forever to make the order, and just before she hands it to me she puts nuts all over it. Now...Wayne being the man he is... will not touch nuts with a ten foot pole. To save my sanity and some time, I told her that I would just let my son have that one. So as it turned out Carson got his first banana split all by himself. Those suckers come loaded with three different ice creams, bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, marshmallow cream, whipped cream and 4 cherries! Seriously... who can eat that much sweet stuff... I get nauseous just thinking about it.

Carson did some serious damage on that banana split, and I will say he enjoyed every last bite... he didn't quite finish it... and I didn't totally freak thinking about all the red dye 40 that I am sure was loaded into it.

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Wayne said...

Hey Buddy, I remember that night, Mommy and I enjoyed watching you devour your 1st Banana Split. Once we get to Virginia, we will find a place and do it again....

Love and Miss you,

Love Daddy