Monday, June 2, 2008

~Keepin Cool and Mowing the Grass~

Today we broke all sorts of records in the weather dept. The weathermen had been predicting a hot summer.... and we have flirted with 100 degrees the past couple of days. Today the official high temperature was 106 degrees. I don't even remember if we hit 100 last summer or not, but I do remember it being chilly the first week or two we went to the water park. To keep cool Carson and I went to Splash, the local water park and met up with some friends. We spent a couple of hours trying to beat the heat. What shade there was still well over 100 degrees plus the wind was blowing a constant 20-30 mph... so we basically baked in the shade or fried in the sun. I covered the boy in sunscreen every hour or so and he fared pretty well...I on the the other hand did manage to get a slight sunburn. I will have to increase my spf a bit for next time.

Carson goofing off with the goggles.

Enjoying some ice cream in another effort to cool off.

Just enjoying some time out of the water with another little boy.


Every Monday is lawn mowing day.... this is the day that Mr Charlie comes and mows the grass and keeps the yard looking so beautiful. Carson really loves Mr. Charlie and looks forward to him coming every week. Often while Mr. Charlie is mowing Carson will get his little mower, and pretend that he is "helping" whether he is helping has yet to be determined. Anyway last Monday Carson really wanted to help Mr. Charlie so he ran in the house got his bike helmet and his gloves and put them on. Why the bike helmet??? Really can't answer that one, but Carson is one unique child, and he was just expressing his uniqueness that day.

What you can't see is that Carson was following Mr. Charlie. I have asked him if Carson is getting in his way... Charlie assured me that he stays well behind him.

Don't you just love the "look"


Carri said...

I am already missing Splash! the pics are too cute!

Kassie said...

Love the pictues. I know that my dad enjoys seeing Carson when he mows the lawn. My dad will just go on and on about Carson. I love the bike helmet look that is great.