Thursday, June 26, 2008

17 pages.... our life in 17 pages!

The Bekins moving van arrived a little after 9am on Wednesday with 4 workers and 1 paper work guy. The paperwork guy was responsible for tagging with a sticker every box, every piece of furniture, basically everything that was going on the truck needed a sticker. All I know is that when he was done I had 17 pages of sticker numbers to sign, I had to sign each page. Just before 7pm the truck pulled away. The truck would not back down the driveway it stayed in the cul-de-sac, there will be another charge on the bill since from the front door to the end of the driveway was 159ft (measured by pacing it off). I was not apprised of that until I had to sign the final paperwork- I think I'll contest that charge.

Our moving quote was based on 15,000 pounds and when the driver did a walk through he thought that there would be close to 17,000 pounds, so I started to stress a little as the contract stated that I would have to pay on delivery for 16,500 pounds and if there was more I would be billed for the difference.

Around 11am, the pick-up truck from the Amarillo Downtown Women's Shelter also arrived as they had been called to come pick up stuff that we decided we no longer needed or wanted. Like Kari said, how did we get so much stuff. It took the ADWS truck about an hour to load, their truck was not as large as the moving truck but we did fill it.

Back to the BIG truck, Carson takes his bicycle and walks it up to the guys so that it would be one of the first things loaded, they tried to convince him that he could ride it and they would load it later, nope Carson wanted it on the truck, once his bike was loaded he then got into daddy's truck and sat there strapped into his car seat ready to go to Virginia, he would periodically come out of the truck, but he did spend a lot of time sitting in the truck waiting to go to Virginia. He never got in the way of the movers and occasionally he would carry a small box or two out of the house to join the two long lines of boxes in the driveway. About 6pm Kari took Carson and headed to her parents house so that they could both relax.

A very special friend of ours, Mr. Gary showed up to show support, lend a hand, and to even take away a few items that we offered. Thank you Mr. Gary for all your support, friendship, and guidance over the past few years.

As the truck was closing the door, the driver asked for my phone number as said he would call me after he got a final weight on the truck. Just as we were finished dinner at Kari's parents, the phone rang and it was the driver. The final weight was 15,320 pounds - I CAN LIVE WITH THAT...

Kari and I will be headed back to the house in a little while to clean it up and leave it for the last time. We will be staying in Amarillo with her parents again tonight and then hitting the road first thing Friday morning, putting us into Virginia on Sunday.

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Sandra T. said...

Our move last year was only 250 miles which can't compare to your cross country move. Its always difficult saying goodbye to your home. It was hard for me to say goodbye to my house last year because that was our first home together and that was my boys first home. Good luck on the road trip!!!