Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are we married mom?

Last evening my parents had one of their famous BBQ's for the family. They have a big Tiernan smoker, and they love to use it! Last night the whole family, with the exception of my sister Holly and her family (in El Paso) came over kinda as a going away gathering. My Aunt Verita and cousin Dennis and his wife Allison and their youngest daughter Lyndi came as well. Lyndi and Carson are only 2 months apart, with Carson being the elder of the two. Those two kiddos, second cousins (right?) were like two peas in a pod. What one did the other copied and so forth. The two of them were quite alike in temperment and activity level. Actually, I think Carson is a little infatuated, he kept asking me today if he and I were married. I explained that I am married to Daddy, and one day you will find a girl and marry her. I should have known, his mind was working, and he piped up and wanted to know if he could still marry me and Lyndi. In the past we have had issues with girls and boys and Carson not wanting a thing to do with girls. He only wanted to marry a boy... because they were fun, liked dinosaurs and played in the dirt. Anyway, he now wants to marry his cousin. Once again I am trying to explain why he can't really marry Lyndi, and his response is, "but Mom, she IS a girl".

Definitely a sweetie!

Carson was watching Lyndi the entire time I was taking her picture. He HAD to pose like she did.

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