Sunday, June 15, 2008

Soccer Sunday!

Another scorcher in the Texas Panhandle.... 102 on the field at 4:30 today. Incredibly hot already this summer, makes it really hard on the little guys running their hearts out. Even tougher when there where only 6 players (we missed you Caden)... so only one to rotate out. Carson played the entire game... only sat out at halftime and then only long enough to get a drink...then he goofed off on the field with his coach. We only have two games left next weekend, and some of the kids that were here today, won't be there next weekend, so they gave out the medals to the kids that were here, and will give the medals to the rest of the kids next Saturday.

I guess I should tell you that we won...8-5. Carson scored one goal, at least it was for us this time. He played goal for a bit today and saved several from making it in.

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