Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seven Days... and Counting!

One week from today the moving truck is due to start loading us... We are hoping to be able to leave Amarillo on the afternoon of the 25th. The truck will not be in Virginia until the 30th... so we have plenty of time to get across country. Typically we have traveled I-40 to East of Knoxville Tn. Since we have a few days to make this trip we are looking at heading up North through Tulsa and hitting I-70 (I think... can't find my maps) in St. Louis, then head through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and across West Virginia. We really don't want to be on the road for five days... but a different route may be fun.

Wayne is leaving tomorrow afternoon to start back here. He should be in on Friday.

So the countdown is started... I am not anywhere near done packing. I actually called the Women's shelter again and told them to meet me at the house next Wednesday to take all the stuff we couldn't fit in the truck.

I called all of Carson's Dr.s and arranged to get copies of all medical records (boy is that expensive). I am taking the animals to the vet to get tranquilizers (no flames please) so that the animals will at least not be too stressed... or should I say so I will not be too stressed listening to two caterwauling cats across the USA. I have to get disposable litter boxes to take..... seriously won't that be FUN in a car.

I have to get a new portable DVD player... our old one won't work... Gotta keep the boy entertained for 28 hours of drive time.

We have the change of address in at the post office... and we have emailed all of our new info...I am racking my brain knowing that I am missing something... I just don't know what it is yet that I still have to do...

Plus we are actually thinking of maybe trading both vehicles in for one Minivan...(looking at the Honda Odyssey) where we will be living is only a mile from the train station... Wayne would literally only need a car for two miles a day... He is trying to convince me that I could get up and drive him to the train station every morning at 5 am... NOT... but there is a ride share program in the neighborhood... that would work... and Carson and I could always meet the train in the evening. If we did this, at least I wouldn't have to get a new DVD player right?

We are hoping to get around to say goodbye to friends....but with time running out... don't feel bad if we cant make it personally. I do invite you to come by the house on Tuesday... I am sure I will still be packing while they load the truck. Heck... I might put you to work......not really... we would love to see you. If we don't get to see everyone, know this...we value the friends that we have made for this season of our lives. We have had tremendous joys, and shared tremendous pain with many of you. We will always look back with fondness over those relationships, and we are looking forward to new relationships that we are hoping to develop in Virginia.

We really do hope that if you ever find yourself in the Virginia/D.C. area that you would give us a call... we will most definitely have room for out-of-towners, and hopefully we can play tour guide... and show you around.

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