Monday, June 9, 2008

Winning Weekend!

It is Sunday..... and that means it's time for the weekly soccer post. We had two games this weekend one on Saturday and then another today. Yesterday's we won with a score of 10-0. The winds yesterday were horrible....making it very difficult to control the ball. Today it was 100 degrees and no wind. Top that off with humidity (which is rare here) and we had a scorcher. We won today 4-3. I don't know whether today's team was tougher or it was just the heat. Carson played goal quite a bit and did not let one single goal get by him. He loves that position the most, but in my opinion the boy has an awesome kick... he just lacks the control to make it go in the right direction. We are hoping to keep him a some sort of organized soccer once we get moved. After the game the parents of both teams form a "tunnel" for the kids to run through. They really enjoy this and it let the parents show the kids of both teams they did a great job.

On another note... I have 125 boxes coming tomorrow... so I guess I really have to get on the ball and get things packed up. I sold my aquarium today and my scrapbook shelving. I still need to sell the deep freeze, and some other miscellaneous stuff. Anyone need a chest freezer cheap???

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Amanda said...

Carson is doing so good! You can tell that he loves to play.